The Taxi Thief

Friday 05/04/2024

17:30 Talk with the director: Urgent cinema
18:00 “El taxista ful” Screening
After the film, Q&A with the director Jo Sol, drinks courtesy of Moritz, Azimut wines, Melinvin, and electronic organic music by David Sitges-Sardà, who collects and remixes sounds from the mountains surrounding Barcelona


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Location: Cinemateket, ASTA
Second screening: Wednesday the 17th april at 17:00

Director: Jo Sol
Screenplay: Jo Sol
Cast: Pepe Rovira, Marc Sempere, Marcos Rovira ”Maloki”, Santiago López Petit, Vicente Escolar
Year: 2005
Languages featured: Spanish with English subtitles
Original title: “El taxista ful”


Pepe Rovira’s life would be like any other taxi driver’s if it weren’t for the fact that the taxis he drives are stolen. Pepe steals in order to work. The group of thinkers and activists from Espai en Blanc understands Pepe’s paradoxical gesture as a transgressive act of profound genius that pierces through the capitalist reality we tend to accept as the only possible one. From the encounter between the taxi driver and the group, a dialogue emerges that will lead us to reflect on precarity and the various ways of engaging with life and the community.