The Long Way Home

Thursday 04/04/2024

19:00 “The Long Way Home” Screening
After the film, Q&A with the producer Aritz Ciribán, drinks courtesy of Moritz, Azimut wines, Melinvin, and electronic organic music by David Sitges-Sardà, who collects and remixes sounds from the mountains surrounding Barcelona


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Location: Cinemateket, ASTA
Second screening: Saturday the 27th april at 16:30

Director: Sergi Pérez Berk
Screenplay: Sergi Pérez Berk , Eric Navarro
Cast: Borja Espinosa, María Ribera, Miki Esparbé, Pol López, Sara Espígul, Mireia Gubianas
Year: 2014
Languages featured: Catalan & Spanish with English subtitles
Original title: “El camí més llarg per tornar a casa”


How is it possible for a familiar route in one’s own city to turn into an odyssey? To understand it, one must put oneself in Joel’s shoes. On the day of his wife’s burial, he leaves home to take the dog to the vet, but locking himself out with the keys inside, he becomes trapped on the street. As he wanders through the city, desperately trying to find a way back inside, attempting to get rid of the dog and the friends and family who witness his suffering, we gradually discover what is going on inside him. And what does he expect to find at home? Perhaps a refuge, perhaps the space necessary to endure the pain.