Sleep Tight

Director: Jaume Balagueró
Year: 2011
Language: Spanish | English subtitles
Length: 103 min
Original title: “Mientras duermes”


2nd Festival 2014

César is an apartments building caretaker and he really enjoys his job, as he is able to know about everything that takes place in the entire building, including the most hidden secrets and weak points of each single person living there. He particularly loves playing God’s role by controlling their lives and influencing them to hurt them as end goal.
César keeps a very unique secret: He is a hurtful character, and would do whatever in his hands to create pain around him. The new neighbor from the apartment 5B is a very cheerful woman, always coming in and out of the building with a broad smile, full of light. Therefore, she will soon become César’s new victim. She will become his personal challenge, his obsession.