On the Roof

(“En la Azotea”, 11 min), nominated for best shortfilm by the Catalan Academy of Cinema, young male Adrián in his attempt to keep a watch on a girl who sunbathes nude, ends up gathering a guy showering in a nearby building.



(“Zero”, 29 min) is a reflection around Earth gravity from the perspective of a common father-son relationship, but where chaos plays a main role.


Don’t Leave Me

(“No me quites”, 14 min) shows heartbreak complexity: she wants to get back together with him, but she rebuffs him, whereas he doesn’t want her back, but there he is, at her place, taking off his jacket.


El Adiós

(“El Adiós”, 15 min) is masterpiece of loyalty of a maid towards the just-passed away old lady she has been taking care of.


Notes From Sometime, Later, Maybe

(11 min) brings us back to the America of the Great Depression (1939): 80 years after Ivan Besse took his camera out to the streets to film his fellow citizens, we will discover what remains of that footage.

Sunday 05/03/2017

17:15 Film: “Awaiting”
19:15 Catalan shortfilms


In 2017 the film festival presented a selection of Catalan shortfilms produced in 2016.