Neither Forget Nor Forgive

Sunday 05/09/2021

16:45 “The death of Guillem” Film Screening
18:15 Q&A with film screenplayers and Moritz beer
18:40 “Neither Forget Nor Forgive” Short Film Screening
19:00 “The Barcelona vampiress” Film Screening
20:50 Festival closing with with Covides cava

Price: Free
Location: Asta Bar, Cinemateket

Directors: Jordi Boquet
Screenplay: Jordi Boquet, Tomás Bayo
Cast: Raquel Ferri, Isabel Rocatti, Marina Alegre, Pep Molina, Sergi Torrecilla, Amparo Moreno
Year: 2019
Languages featured: Catalan with English subtitles
Original title: “Ni oblit ni perdó”


After the screening of “The death of Guillem”, enjoy this short film based on Guillem’s sister, Betlem, who returns home to spend a few days with her family in the town where she grew up. However, she will find that this town has a sad aura that, despite her trying to avoid it, always comes back to remind her that there are some things that will never be forgotten. Neither can they be forgiven.