Ada For Mayor

Director: Pau Faus
Year: 2016
Language: Catalan, Spanish | English subtitles
Length: 88 min
Original title: “Alcaldessa”

Saturday 04/03/2017

19:00 Film: “Ada For Mayor”
20:30 Filmmaker & Beer: Pau Faus

Ada Colau is a Catalan social activist, well-known for being the spokespeople of the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages. This documentary follows her during one year, from her time spent organizing the anti-eviction fight in Barcelona to the day she is sworn-in as its mayor. Pau Faus (1974), awarded best director in Festival de Málaga for his first full-length film, had privileged access to the inner-workings of this new citizen platform.
The film reveals two prevalent themes: a historic victory illustrative of the political changes taking place in southern Europe, and the inner struggle of a citizen with deep social restlessness who fears becoming the kind of political leader she has so often questioned. In early 2017, Catalan Academy of Cinema has nominated “Ada for Mayor” for best documentary film (Gaudí Award).