Phoenix 11*23

Location: Cinemateket
Price: 80 kr. (50 kr. for Cinemateket members)

Directors: Joel Joan, Sergi Lara
Screenplay: Albert Plans, Hector Hernández Vicens
Cast: Nil Cardoner, Rosa Gàmiz, Àlex Casanovas, Roberto Álamo
Year: 2011
Languages featured: Catalan, Spanish with English subtitles
Original title: “Fènix 11*23”


Thursday 01/03/2018

19:00 “Phoenix 11*23” Film Screening
20:30 Diana Coromines & Magni Arne with Appetisers & Beers

In autumn 2004, Èric Bertran, a 14 year-old boy, creates a website inspired on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to defend the Catalan language. One night, thirty federal officers from the anti-terrorist unit in Madrid burst into his house and accuse him of being a terrorist.
What is his crime? Sending an email to a supermarket requesting that the labels of the products should be written in Catalan language.