Snefnug den hvide gorilla

Location: Cinemateket
Price: 80 kr. (50 kr. for Cinemateket members)

Director: Andrés G. Schaer
Screenplay: Albert Val, Amèlia Mora
Cast: Pere Ponce, Elsa Pataky, Claudia Abate, Joan Sullà, Felix Pons Ferrer
Year: 2011
Languages featured: Danish
Original title: “Floquet de neu”


Sunday 04/03/2018

14:00 “Snowflake, the White Gorilla” Film Screening

Snowflake is an albino gorilla and that means that his fur is completely white. Since he was born he could feel that he was different and was not accepted by the other gorillas. When he arrives at the Barcelona Zoo he faces a similar situation with the other gorillas. He tries everything he can to change his snow-white fur to black.
He leaves the zoo and looks for a witch who is in Barcelona for a short period of time. However, there is a cursed man with bad luck, Luc de Sac, who believes that Snowflake’s heart is an amulet. So, he will try to find Snowflake to put an end to his curse.