Jean-François and the Meaning of Life

Thursday 21/02/2019

19:00 “Jean-François and the Meaning of Life” Film Screening
20:30 Q&A with film director with appetisers & beer

Price: 80 kr. (50 kr. for Cinemateket members, 70 kr. for students and seniors)
Location: Cinemateket

Director: Sergi Portabella
Screenplay: Sergi Portabella
Cast: Max Megías, Claudia Vega, Pau Durà
Year: 2018
Languages featured: Catalan and French with English subtitles
Original title: “Jean-François i el sentit de la vida”


What is the meaning of life? Francesc, a solitary thirteen-year-old boy, starts asking himself this question after discovering the “The myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus in the bathroom of his high school. Obsessed with his existential ideas, he changes his name to Jean-François, raises his coat collar and decides to run away from home to meet Camus in Paris. With the help of his older friend Lluna, they’ll take on a journey to answer this difficult question.
Sergi Portabella debuts with this partly autobiographical feature film, a love letter to literature as an eternal and infinite source of knowledge, in which the seemingly light and naive tone hides a complex and mature growth story.